Is your House a Homework Battle Ground?

Does your child work hard but still do poorly on tests?

After School Plus is here to help!

Homework is designed to reinforce concepts learned at school. Sometimes, however, it feels to a parent as if homework is designed to turn a home into a battleground. This occurs when the child lacks the will or the skill to complete assignments.

For most children, having a teacher and the example of other children focusing on completing their homework and studying for tests is enough to keep them moving forward. Some children, however, need more intense and specific intervention.

After School Plus provides your child with the tools to learn, achieve, and succeed!

After School Plus tutoring has been created to provide both short and long-term intervention designed to allow children to meet and exceed classroom expectations.

To meet this goal, After School Plus tutoring offers the following services:

  • Individualized diagnostic testing given by a qualified assessor.
  • Development of an intervention plan to meet mutually agreed upon objectives.
  • Provision of one-on-one tutoring by a certified/licensed teacher.
  • Consistent communication between parent and tutor.

Intervention plans may include but are not limited to:

  • Development of study skills and learning strategies that incorporate the child’s personal learning styles.
  • Identification of gaps and/or blocks in reading, writing, and mathematics.
  • Specific strategies to fill in the gaps or overcome the challenges to learning.

One-on-one tutoring can be provided in addition to after school homework assistance or as a stand-alone service. Length and duration of tutoring would be based on the needs of the child.