Testimonials from our Parents

Choosing the right after school program for your family can be a challenge. We are honored and proud of the happy testimonials we have received from our families and hope they help show you how special After School Plus truly is!

Tara Cannon

It was important for us to locate an after-school program that has an environment that encourages learning, provide homework help and is safe for our children. We appreciate the consistency that ASP offers. Our children attended ASP for several years, and we have seen them grow socially, in their studies and have fun at the same time.  ASP is consistent with the great quality of care and safety as we’ve seen for several years. The supervision is positive, and offer wonderful tutoring options.

Alicia Crenshaw

I talk about ASP to EVERYONE!!  They are completely on top of things.  Jennifer calls each and every child by name almost immediately upon meeting them.  I’ve never seen a place run so seamlessly.  I know my child is loved and well taken care of.  Also, their communication top notch.  If you are looking for after school care or summer care, go to talk to them. You will not be disappointed!

Tabitha Tolleson

My daughter really enjoys going to ASP and I like the convenience of having dance and gymnastics classes. Having these classes available in the same building means that my daughter can attend an earlier class without me having to rush from work and then rush to a different location to ensure she makes it to extracurriculars on time. An earlier class also means we get to spend more time together at home in the evening. The staff are all very friendly and my daughter absolutely loves her after school teacher.

Samantha San

My 5 year old child has never been to a day care or to an after school program before, so I was really particular in terms of where would be a good fit for him. I was looking for a safe environment facility that provided physical activities and a fun learning curriculum. After School Plus has been able to provide all of those, and my child is very happy there! Everyone is very nice, and the communication is great!

Yrene Sangronis

I am very happy having my 8 year old daughter at After School Plus. It is a place where she feels at home. The personnel always treat the kids with respect and with a great attitude. The building is very clean and spacious. Everyday, the kids complete their homework which saves us time at home and they get some extra time playing with their friends. Having this after school program in our community is a blessing!

Tinika Steverson

There are so many things I love about ASP, and its impact on my daughter's life. The morning drop off is among one of the best options available. Because I'm a teacher and I have to be at work by 7:30, it has been life saving to know that I can drop my daughter off at ASP and she'll get to school safely and on time. I also love that not only are they opened when school is closed, but they plan activities for the children so that they aren't just playing around all day. Finally, but most importantly, I never have to worry about my daughter's homework being completed. The teachers there ensure that homework is completed and correct. We love ASP. 

Fabiana Bera

I love ASP because is a great after school, my daughter feels great at ASP and she has all support for homework and other school activities. The environment is enjoyable and there are many activities to do. I can work stilly knowing that my daughter is happy and in good hands. 

Laura Blasenek

After School Plus has been a huge help for our family this year! As working parents it is hard to rush home from work only to have to do homework, take your children to their extracurricular activities, cook dinner, and spend time together as a family during the week. After School Plus alleviates a lot of that stress of running around by offering many activities on site while your children are in their care. So you don’t have to stress if you are running 10 minutes late from work that your child will be late for practice! I love that when I pick my child up he has already completed his homework and I don’t have to run him to gymnastics or music lessons. All we have to do is head home to have dinner together as a family in the evenings. He loves the fact that he still gets to play and have fun with friends after school. He even loves the structured time indoors where he receives help with his homework. We have found that the teachers and counselors are all wonderful with the kids. My son has nothing but positive things to say about the entire program. And knowing that he is happy and safe makes After School Plus the best choice for our family.

Leslie Doss (Smith)

We LOVE this program! The hours really work for our work schedules! Our daughter has made so many friends there! There are so many programs available for the kids and the whole staff is really good about keeping all the parents updated on how things are going, dates they will be open or closed, and respond to emails and phone calls in a timely manner! I would definitely recommend ASP to other parents! 

Haley Freeman

ASP is such a great afterschool program! They pick students up from their schools in the afternoons which is the biggest help for me personally. They also have small classroom settings grouped by age/grade and provide great homework help! Before ASP, each day was a struggle trying to figure out who could pick up and watch my daughter until I got off work. Now, my mind is at such ease knowing she is picked up from school each day by ASP, and has someone there to help with her homework if needed! ASP also lets the students enjoy physical activity either outside or inside in the gym so they are not just stuck in a classroom all afternoon! I definitely recommend ASP to anyone needing afterschool services for their kids! 

Shalisa Lee (Still)

I love the fact that you all take the time to listen and respond honestly to my concerns.